Barth For California Governor

My heart is California Families, California Business, and most of all California Freedom.
Follow me out of this mess, and let's make California whole again!


california governor election


For California Governor

Your donation of any amount helps me continue my mission to make California whole again! We need to cast away the labels of Democrat, Republican, and Independent and come together as Californians. So, if you feel the same and want to grow the economy, protect your rights, and fix health care, consider a small monthly donation to help me win the California Governor election.



Let's Come Together and Make California Whole Again

We need to stop the divisive rhetoric. We need to stop fighting each other. It is time to work together, regardless of what party we’re registered for. It is time we stand together as parents, Teachers, Law Enforcement. Because we are all Californians. We must stop the influence of lobbyists and big monied interests in our state politics. Big money influence is negatively affecting Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

First of all, the rampant corruption must end. I will fight for a transparent California. Therefore I say no more pork-lined bills, no more backroom deals, and no more nonsense.

Governor of California - Vote Stasyi Barth


Together We Can Win the California Governor Election

I am running for Governor of California because there are too many parts of our State's government that are wasteful, corrupt, and broken. Together, let's make California whole again. I will start by exposing all corruption and clandestine agreements that rob taxpayers of the truth about where our money goes. We must have a transparent California. It will take all of us working together to affect change. Start today and be the change. Volunteer with my campaign and help me win the California Governor election!


Stasyi Barth for Governor of California 2018

With your help in winning the California Governor Election, my number one focus is to identify and end all the corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse by our current government. We have allowed ourselves to become a nation divided and playing into the hands of big money interests who seek to control legislation in California for their own benefit. As a Republic, we are a nation with a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people. ” A transparent California isn't just my dream, it is my most essential campaign promise.

As elected officials, it is our responsibility to represent the citizens of California and their interests and needs first. And never be beholden to or influenced by corporations lobbying to improve their bottom lines. Transparency is the key to cutting the crap and getting down to the business of helping all Californians find opportunity and success.

My Heart Is California

california governor election

My heart is California, and I stand for California freedom. I believe that Californians are intelligent enough to make their own decisions in life, without government interference.

California Health Care

My heart is California families. When families flourish, so does the State of California. Healthy families make a healthy California. We need to provide better health care choices.

California Jobs

california governor election

My heart is California businesses. I am committed to reviving jobs and industry in California. We must encourage new businesses to open in California and stop deterring innovation.


Thank You For Your Support Of My Campaign For Governor Of California 2018!

My life has been so impacted by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul and particularly Father Joe's Village in San Diego, that I am donating ALL proceeds from sales of my wearable, home, and lifestyle California gubernatorial campaign goods. I will be adding new items like phone cases, throw pillows, and leggings that let you show your support for my campaign all while helping a great cause.


We Are All Californians

I think it’s long past time to put a check on the detrimental laws that are destroying our beautiful State and put the power back in the hands of The People. A transparent California is good for everyone. Secrecy stifles innovation and forward progress, and I will begin my term as California Governor by investigating and revealing all of the collusion and corruption the establishment seeks to keep hidden. As a result, we can fight for a freer, safer, and more prosperous California. In conclusion, together we can win the election for Governor of California and start the work of making California whole again.
Stasyi Barth for California Governor 2018