My Heart Is California - Stasyi Barth For Governor


I Will Fight For All Californians

My heart is California, and I stand for California freedom. I believe that Californians are intelligent enough to make their own decisions in life, without government interference.

We have allowed ourselves to become a nation divided and playing into the hands of big money interests who seek to control legislation in California for their own benefit.

Consequently, I stand for California transparency. Upon election, my number one focus is to identify and end all the corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse by our current government.

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My Heart Is California Families

My heart is California families. When families flourish, so does the State of California. My stances on economic and social policies, including jobs, education, health care, and taxes, seek to strengthen California families.

Healthy families make a healthy California.

To fix health care in California, we need to start fresh so that patients and their doctors, not Sacramento or Washington, make health care decisions. Your health care is private and should remain between you and your healthcare provider. The government should never have access to your medical records unless you approve of it.

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My Heart Is California Businesses - Stasyi Barth For a Transparent California


My Heart Is California Businesses

My heart is California businesses. I am committed to reviving jobs and industry here in California. We need to lose job-killing regulations and unfair trade deals that have driven American businesses out of our country.

Therefore, I want to make it easier for businesses to open up in California, and to encourage, not punish, California innovators. I believe in a full audit of our state tax code, to encourage business and economic growth, fund necessary programs, and give California families a break, and more control over their money.

Establishing a pro-growth tax code will be the most important factor in driving the entire economy back to prosperity.

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Importance of Education

My Heart Is California Education - Stasyi Barth For Governor of California

California Environment

My Heart Is California Environment - Stasyi Barth For Governor of California

California Veterans

My Heart Is California Veterans - Stasyi Barth

CA Criminal Justice

My Heart Is California Law Enforcement

CA 2nd Amendment

My Heart Is California Safety - Stasyi Barth

Illegal Immigration

illegal immigration - Barth For Governor California


We Are All Californians

I think it’s long past time to put a check on the detrimental laws that are destroying our beautiful State and put the power back in the hands of The People. I promise to fight for a freer, safer, and more prosperous California. Together we can win the election for Governor of California and start the work of making California whole again.
Stasyi Barth for California Governor 2018