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It Should Be Easy To Start A Business In California

Since the 80’s, Silicon Valley has become a major player in California jobs and all across the world. We can expand upon that innovation, by luring more technology, pharmaceutical, industrial, start-ups, and small businesses. We are a State with a lot of open lands, ripe for new jobs and innovation.

By giving new businesses a short-term tax incentive, they will come. What company wouldn’t want to be in the California jobs market with our weather? Our intelligent and capable citizens are ready to work. We need less government interference and more creativity and innovation.

Consequently, I see establishing a pro-growth tax code in California as a moral imperative. I aim to nurture and encourage new business and innovation and sensible taxation that doesn’t cripple growth.


We Must Stop Scaring Away California Seniors

Seems like retirees are leaving California in droves, in search of State’s that won’t tax their retirement income. When they leave, they take our volunteers, caregivers of our communities, wisdom of life and values that just aren’t taught anymore, with them.

Therefore, I will make California a tax-free State for retirement accounts and Social Security recipients. We want to be the State that people want to move to, not run from. Senior Citizens benefit our communities in countless ways that only they can provide. Let’s keep our seniors and invite more to enjoy our beautiful State!

california jobs - Stasyi Barth for Governor
california jobs - Stasyi Barth for Governor


Power To The People, Not Corporations

First of all, Californians must not be divided into winners and losers as a result of taxation. If we want to improve the market for California jobs, we must eliminate as many special interest provisions and loopholes as possible and curb corporate welfare and corrupt monied influence. Corporate welfare has led to an erosion of the tax base creating pressure to raise rates. This is unacceptable.

In conclusion, I will ever be mindful of the burdens on families with children and the negative impact of over-taxation on an aging population. I will fight for Proposition 13. Lastly, I will demand a full audit of the California tax code, for simplicity and clarity, so that every taxpayer can understand how much of their income is consumed by the State and Federal government.

Join me, Stasyi Barth, as I run for Governor of California on a mission to clarify and reform taxation in California and install a pro-growth tax code.


We Are All Californians

I think it’s long past time to put a check on the detrimental laws that are destroying our beautiful State and put the power back in the hands of The People. I promise to fight for a freer, safer, and more prosperous California. Together we can win the election for Governor of California and start the work of making California whole again.
Stasyi Barth for California Governor 2018